Cub Sport, The Teskey Brothers Lead Finalists for 2024 AIR Awards

Cub Sport, The Tesci brothers And Jem Cassar-Daley will be in style at the 2024 AIR Awards, scheduled to be held on Thursday 1 August at the Queen’s Theater in Adelaide.

Cub Sport catches a hat-trick. Brisbane electronic pop quartet have been shortlisted for Best Independent Dance or Electronica and Independent Album of the Year by ARIA No. 1 group, Jesus in the gay bar, and the Adam Munnings-directed clip, “Keep Me Safe,” is nominated for Independent Music Video of the Year. Cub Sport has two wins in the past month Queensland Music Awards 2024.



Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Also at the AIR Awards, The Tesci brothersled by Josh and Sam, are nominated for Best Independent Blues & Roots Album or EP and Independent Marketing Team of the Year (Ivy League, Mushroom).

The Teskeys recently won Songwriter of the Year at APRA Music Awards 2024and Best Record at the 2024 Rolling Stone Australia Awards for ARIA No. 1 Album Winding roadAnd their manager, Jeremy Forzewas named Manager of the Year at the 2024 AAM Awards.

Meanwhile, Jim Cassar Daly’s “King of Disappointment” could be crowned song of the year, although it faces competition from works by Genesis Owusu (“Leaving The Light”) and Maple Glider (“Don’t Kiss Me”). , RVG (“Nothing Really Changes”) and “Teen Jesus And The Jean Tears” (“I Used to Be Fun”).

Cassar Dali, daughter of a great country Troy Cassar Dalywon a double at the 2024 QMA Awards, including that night’s top honor – Song of the Year (for “King of frustration“).

Best Independent Label will be competed between ABC Music, Dot Dash Recordings, Ourness, Poison City Records and Spinning Top Records.

Now in her eighteenth year, Air Awards is a celebration of the best and brightest from Australia’s independent music community. This year’s edition welcomes two new categories, honoring Best Independent Music Video and Best Independent Producer.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to recognize the work the independent music industry does in providing talented and emerging artists and music labels with a platform to share their art with a wider audience,” comments the Arts Minister. Andrea Michaels, Member of Parliament.

This year’s ceremony will once again be bookended by Indie-Con Australia, a gathering focused “on issues particularly relevant to the independent music sector”, say organisers, the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR). The South Australian Music Development Office is the main sponsor of the annual awards. Details of the program and lineup of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

2024 Air Awards Nominees:

Best Independent Blues & Roots Album or EP
Dan Sultan – Dan Sultan
Lemon anesthetic – Kemosabi
Georgia Moony – Full Moon
Leah Senior – The Music I Make
The Tisci Brothers – The Winding Road

Best Independent Hip-Hop Album or EP
Genesis Owusu – The Fighter
Jk-47 – Regrowth Revision
teether & Kuya Neel – Stress
Orthbuy – Taste
Ziggy Ramo – Sugar-coated lies

Best Independent Country Album or EP
Fanny Lumsden – O Dawn
Henry Wagons – South of Everywhere
Maple Glider – I’m having a problem
The Wolf Brothers – Living the Dream
Travis Collins – Any less anymore

Best Independent Jazz Album or EP
Elixir – a shy little fact
Dangerous physical calm – waterfalls
Lance Gorecek & Jeremy Rose – Cole Gate
Mike Nock – Hearing
Rookies – Feeding the Fire

Best Independent Classical Album or EP
Australian Chamber Orchestra / Richard Tognetti – Beethoven’s Symphonies 1, 2 and 3
Karen Jacobsen – Misogyny Author
Neil Gaiman and the Fourplay String Quartet – Signs of Life
Russell Morris – The Real Symphony Concert
Slava Grigoryan – Gratitude

Best Independent Children’s Album or EP
Amber Lawrence – A Very Australian Christmas
Emma Mima- Ballet Time
Josh Pike – It’s going to be a great, great day!
Oscillations – Steady and ready oscillations
Whistle and Trick – Bananas and other delicious things

Best independent dance, electronica or solo club
Trust Man – Run and Run (Again)
Fisher and Kita Alexander – Atmosphere
Memphis LK – black and blue
Odd Mob and Omnom – Loss of control
Jungle Giants – Journey of Ascension

Best Independent Punk Album or EP
Enola – All is Forgiven EP
Luca Brasi – The world doesn’t owe you anything
Special Function – 370HSSV 0773H
Radio Alice Free – Radio Alice Free
Teenage joints – the mold that grows inside my chest

Best Independent Heavy Album or EP
The Coffin – Stop Australia
Glitoris – Glitoris
Polaris – fatalism
Redhawk – A postcard from living hell
The void of vision – records

Best Independent Dance, Electronica or EP Album
Big Wet – Pu$$Y
Cub Sport – Jesus in the gay bar
Haiku hands – monster of fun
Simona catricum – sink
Skeleton – Under Utopia

Best Independent Rock Album or EP
Alex Lahey – The answer is always yes
Pacific Street – Flowers
Royal Otis – Sofa Kings
RVG – brain worms
Teen Jesus and Jean teasers – I love you

Best Independent Soul/RnB Album or EP
Waar – Morning Sun episode
Emmy Owusu – Low Live!
Robbie Jackson – Sweeter for me
WILSON – Those days are over
Collective Spirit Women – Feel Good

Best Independent Pop Album or EP
Hachi – Giving the World Away (Deluxe)
JACK RIVER – Endless summer
Kate Ceberano – My Life is a Symphony
Molly Millington- 5 stages
Nat Fazer – Strange Adrenaline

Independent Artist of the Year – Presented by PPCA
Big wet
Chloe’s dad
Pacific Street
Ruel Otis

Independent song of the year
Genesis Owusu – Leaving the Light
Jim Cassar Daly – The King of Disappointment
Maple Glider – Don’t Kiss Me
Rvg – Nothing really changes
Teen Jesus and Teasers – I Used to Be Interesting

Independent album of the year
Cub Sport – Jesus in the gay bar
Genesis Owusu – The Fighter
Jane Cloher – I am the river, the river is me
Maple Glider – I’m having a problem
Rvg – brain worms

Best independent label
ABC Music
Dot Dash Records
Poison City Records
Spinning top records

Independent Marketing Team of the Year
Local La La – Teen Jesus and Jean Tears, I Love You
I am you mushroom – Dma, how many dreams?
Ivy League, Mushroom – The Teskey Brothers, The Winding Way
Slow clap – special function, 370hssv 0773h
Appendix, Ourness, First – Genesis Owusu, the Militant

Independent Publicity Team of the Year
I, you, mushroom – DMA, how many dreams?
Janine Morcos – Teenage Joans, the mold that grows inside my chest
Jessica Searle – Jane Clohr, I am the river, the river is me
Thinking Out Loud – Genesis Owusu, The Struggler
This huge talent – ​​Nat Fazer, the weird adrenaline

Best Independent Music Video of the Year
Adam Munnings – Cub Sport, keep me safe
Chris Cowburn – Emma Donovan, Blak Nation
Hayden Somerville – Rvg, nothing really changes
Sean Higgins – Adam Novello, Fumbling
Tobias Willis – Georgia Mooney, Romance of War

Independent Producer of the Year
Bonnie Knight – Enola, All is Forgiven episode
Konstantin Kersting – DMA’S, How many dreams?
Oscar Dawson – Teenage Jesus and the Elves Teaser, I Love You
Pnau – Multiple singles in 2023
Tom Iancik – Maple Glider You’re in trouble

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