Gustavus, Saint John’s win 2023-24 MIAC All-Sports trophies

Bloomington, Minnesota. – As the spring championships and the 2023-24 academic year come to a close, scores have been tallied in the men’s and women’s Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) competitions for all sports.

St. John’s University won the George Durenberger Award for men’s sports, and Gustavus Adolphus College won the Pat Wiesner Award for women’s sports. The win is the 17th overall for the Johnnies and the eighth overall for the Gusties. Both schools also won their awards in 2021-22 and 2022-23.

| Rankings for all sports for 2023-24 |

The MIAC All-Sports competition takes a comprehensive look at each organization’s performance within the conference to award an overall champion for each gender. The men’s competition began in the 1963-1964 season, and the women’s competition was added in the 1983-1984 season. Starting in the 2003-2004 season, first place points were determined based on the number of participating teams in each sport. Second-place finishers, third-place finishers, etc., receive points in descending order, based on their first-place score. A tie in the standings results in the two teams having an equal score on points for all tied positions in the standings.

Summary of all sports for men

The St. John’s men finished with a combined 83 points in the all-sports standings with the regular season conference title in basketball.

Bethel placed second with 77 points, followed by Gustavus in third with 76.5 points and St. Olaf right behind it with 75 points. The rest of the rankings were as follows: Carleton (71), Concordia (50.5), St. Scholastica (46), Macalester (41.5), Augsburg (37.5), St. Mary’s (30), and Hamlin (29).

Summary of all women’s sports

The Gustavus women completed the year with a total of 99.5 points. The Gusties won women’s conference championships in volleyball, basketball, hockey, and swimming and diving.

St. Benedict’s came in second place among the women with 89.5 points, while Bethel placed third with 84.5 points. The rest of the rankings are as follows: Carleton (74.5), St. Olaf (72.5), St. Catherine (63), Macalester (59.5), Concordia (52.5), Augsburg (43), Hamline (41.5), St. Louis (41.5). Scholastica (38) and St. Mary’s (37).

As winners of each competition, St. John and Gustavus were presented with Travel Awards in honor of their accomplishments. The George Durenberger Award is given to the Men’s Champion and donated by St. John’s University, and the Pat Wiesner Award is given to the Women’s Champion and donated by Macalester College. The namesake of the George Durenberger Trophy served as the Johnnies’ athletic director for 41 years and represented SJU and the MIAC as a student-athlete, coach and administrator for nearly five decades. Pat Wisner was Scotland’s first female athletic director and coached tennis, volleyball, swimming, hockey and basketball during her 35 years as a teacher at Macalester.

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