How To Defeat The Bat In Animal Well

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When you play through Animal wellThe bat will definitely not be the first puzzle you encounter, but it will be extremely difficult if you are not prepared! Once you light the candle in the room, the bat appears and only stops attacking if you let go or defeat it.


How long does it take to overpower an animal well?

The amount of time it takes to “beat” Animal Well depends on your definition of “beating” the game.

A cavernous room makes it a little difficult to see what you’re doing even with a candle lit, but don’t you have something that can create a louder, more dramatic light? This guide will help you solve the mystery of the bats in Animal Well!

Where is the bat?

The location of the bat in the animal world is well marked by the skull symbol

The location of the bat in the animal’s well is indicated
On the map above
With the skull icon, but we’ll walk you through how to get there for the first time if you haven’t already.

It’s a long journey to get to the Bat, but it’s a mystery worth the journey! Starting in the egg roomyou will need to go to the right and Jump to the ladder Near the ceiling on the next screen. Climb to the top Near the siege that you may or may not have unlocked yet, and Use the platforms above the blockade To go to the next screen.

Here, you will need to Use your dial to swap keysmaking something like a ladder for you to use Climb to the screen above That room. You’ll see another set of switches on the floor, but ignore them for now I go leftJump over these platforms to the next room.

Ride the disc over the three dogs on their way to bat in the animal well

there Three dogs In this room, in a large hole in the floor, so Use your disc to distract them To allow yourself time and space to cross to the other ladder and Exit the screen to the left.

If you are
Disc bounce
Between the walls above the stairs without being caught, it bounces back and forth endlessly, attracting the attention of dogs all the time.

In the room ahead where the two dog statues are, use the platforms on the left Go down to one screen. This room has as many platforms and walls as you can Use the switch on the floor where you came to change what is transparent in the room. However, there is another problem – and Dark candle Surrounded by these shifting walls, spawning souls until they reach you Light the candle To make them stop.

The room with the dog statues and the plant in the animal well

This room requires you to do just that Press the key To make the wall directly to your right transparent, separating the candle. Go to the platform on your right And quickly Toss your disc on the switch. It will bounce between the wall and the switch, keeping the layout of the room intact.

from the candle, Use the platform on the right to reach the switch on the right side of the roomWhich opens the portal from where you entered. Return to the entrance Along the bottom of the room Jump to the wooden platform with the switch, grab your disc, and I go left.

Use the dial to press the switch and light a candle in the animal's well

The room is in front of you Six stalactitesThree along the ceiling and three along the bottom of the platform. To cross, you have a number of options, but we found it to be the quickest Use the disc to hit each of the central stalactites three times. There is, too Impasse To the left, but there is no button visible in the room.

The button to open this gate is Hidden in the upper left cornerto the left of the ceiling stalactites on the far left, which uses the wall to the left of the staircase as a platform. Use the bubble wand to move to the platform In the middle of the room, where you have some options on how to do this Pull down the left two stalactites To access the hidden button.

It’s a pretty tough jump to get to the button from the top of the platform, but we found it easier to stand on the small platform crack just to the right of the ladder and blow a bubble to carefully jump under the remaining piece of ice in the roof.

The ice you dropped is blocking the bottom of the ladder, blocking your way forward. Use your yo-yo to break this ice Navigate to the path you just opened, heading the screen to the left.

The ice puzzle leading to the bats in the animal well

Ahead, you have another room with platforms and walls that can be turned on and off, as well as a very angry spirit that will follow you if you’re not careful. there Ladder in the upper left cornerBut the road is blocked. Press the switches on the floor to change the solid platformsUse it to carefully reach the button to open the path above.

Once you are ready, Climb the ladder You’ve just unlocked and get ready to fight the bat in the animal well in the next room!


The ostrich sums up my love, hate, and indifference to the animal well

When I stop playing Animal Well, I will always think about how difficult it is to face the Ostrich.

How to defeat bats in an animal well

He hides in a corner while fighting with the bats in the animal well.

The room looks very modest, doesn’t it? Good, Light the candle At the center, you’ll find that you’re not alone – the bat in the animal well is ready to fight.

Once the fighting starts, The bat attacks every time it can see you. Fortunately, though, you’ll be able to gauge when he’ll actually pounce on you, as well The bat’s face changes It is also charged for a moment. This should be enough time to help you cover, so take every warning seriously!

The bat can reach you in most places in this room, but correctly
Near the entrance
A small corner in the left wall
. It has a fruit, which makes it easy to spot, even if it’s a little dark.
The bat can still hit you here
but it’s a bit more difficult, especially if it jumps into the small area above you at just the right moment.

So you know how Avoids The bat, but avoiding him isn’t the name of the game – you’ll need to defeat him. Since bats thrive in the dark, you’ll need to find a way Light up the room To destroy this creature. The candle you lit is not enough, but the loud and bright feeling of it Your firecrackers It will do the trick.

If you’re prepared with three firecrackers, you can skip this next step, but it takes three full hits to take out the bat in the animal well, so make sure each hit comes from your limited inventory.

The room with the kangaroo statue and firecrackers next to the bats fights the animals well

In the Top left corner From the room, you may have noticed a The path is blocked by large stalactites On the ceiling. Use a yo-yo Carefully Knock down the stalactite from the corner near the entranceand break it to give yourself more room to move, and Blow a bubble to reach the platform carefully And head to the room on the left.

It’s pretty quiet, compared to what awaits you back in the cavernous main room, but the main thing to keep in mind here is Three firecrackers It grows from the ground beneath the kangaroo statue on the other side of the room. Hop over the lily pads into the water and gHe rapped all three firecrackers Before returning to face the bats again.

There’s a hidden chest in this room as well – on the dirt stairs on the right side of the screen, the bottom step has a false right wall with green vines, so keep going into the dark to find a small space with a chest.

This next part is a bit difficult, as well You can’t leave the room During this process or the number of fireworks you have landed on will be reset. For this reason, we recommend returning to your hiding corner, to avoid accidentally backing away from the screen and entering the previous area with firecrackers.

Firecrackers defeat bats in the animal well

Bats love dark, quiet places, and firecrackers are not one of those things! To defeat the bat in the animal well, you’ll need this Throw three firecrackers into the room He watched the bat retreat from the attacks.

You will need to Space out the firecrackers To allow the bat to go through its full animation cycle of being hurt by the upgrade – once it goes back to trying to attack you again after the bounce, you’re safe to throw another firecracker. All three must influence the bat without leaving the room, so be careful with your timing.

After successfully landing the third firecracker, the bat will fall, and you’ll be free to proceed through the remainder of the animal well.

the next

Animal Well: Achievement/Trophy Guide

I hope you’re ready to find lots and lots of eggs.

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