Massachusetts Joins National Coalition to Cultivate Local Outdoor Recreation Economy

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Hayley Driscoll Administration Joins the Confluence of Nations

The outdoor recreation economy

From left to right: Katherine Andrews, Director of the Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation, Carolann Ouellette, Director of the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation, Karina Armijo, Director of the New Mexico Department of Outdoor Recreation, Sandy Olek, Director of the Maryland Office of Outdoor Recreation, Patrick Harrington, Director, Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation Paul Janig, Director, Massachusetts Office of Outdoor Recreation Nathan Renner, Director, Pennsylvania Office of Outdoor Recreation Jackie Dager, Director, Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Cooperation Brad Jarmon, Director, Michigan Office For the outdoor recreation industry, Conor Hall, Director of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, Jason Carey, Director of the Utah Department of Outdoor Recreation. Maribel Castañeda, Director of the Forum of States (courtesy photo)

BOSTON – Hayley Driscoll Management has joined Confluence of States (COS), a national, bipartisan coalition of state governments, dedicated to growing the outdoor recreation economy and supporting environmental conservation. The Massachusetts Office of Outdoor Recreation (MOOR) joins 17 other COS state departments dedicated to promoting and embodying the coalition’s core pillars: Maintain supervision, education, workforce training, economic development, and public health and wellness. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania signed the agreement Confluence agreements, a multi-state agreement to promote outdoor recreation and protect wilderness areas, and to recruit them as new members to the state consortium. As a member, MOOR will regularly collaborate with other state outdoor recreation offices to identify and solve challenges through innovative research and exchange information on best practices.

“Outdoor recreation is an essential part of living and visiting Massachusetts, and we are thrilled to join our partners in the state as a new member of the Community of States.” said MOOR Director Paul Janig. “Massachusetts has vibrant trail systems, diverse wildlife, and outdoor adventures of all kinds. By coming together the states, we look forward to amplifying our collective voice to promote outdoor recreation and protect our natural resources.”

“We are pleased to welcome Massachusetts as the 18th member of the Conclave. Their commitment to promoting outdoor recreation, conserving our natural landscapes, and promoting economic growth aligns perfectly with our four pillars.” Katherine Andrews, 2024 Interstate President and Director of the Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation. “As a state known for its historic significance, diverse landscape, and innovative spirit, Massachusetts brings a wealth of knowledge to our bipartisan coalition. From the rolling hills of the Berkshires to the beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts’ unique contributions will be invaluable as we seek to grow a strong entertainment economy in Outdoor and attract more people to the outdoors.

“Pennsylvania and Massachusetts’ formal commitment to meeting the states is a testament to the overwhelming support for outdoor recreation as a driver of resilient state economies, a connector of communities, and a boon to public health,” said Chris Perkins, vice president of programs at the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. “The $1.1 trillion outdoor recreation economy is better off with strong state leadership on outdoor recreation initiatives and investments, and we are proud to showcase these managers and bring states together at the National Outdoor Recreation Executive Forum.”

Founded in December 2022, MOOR partners with government and private agencies to promote activities throughout Massachusetts, including hunting, fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming and more. Outdoor recreation is a vital contribution to the state of Massachusetts $11 billion to the economyCreating more than 102,000 job opportunities and promoting tourism. MOOR looks forward to working closely with the Consortium of States to implement strategic initiatives that drive economic growth, promote equitable access to the outdoors for all, and improve public health in Massachusetts. This announcement follows the appointment of Paul Janig as Technical Director The state’s first director of outdoor recreation in 2023, as well as the launch of the Massachusetts Inclusive and Accessible Event Grant Program, created to promote equity and belonging across entertainment opportunities in Massachusetts.

– Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

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