Shukra Graha Gochar 2024: How Venus’ Transition To Taurus Will Affect 12 Zodiac Signs

The planet associated with material comforts is set to change its sign on May 19 at 8:51 AM. After leaving Aries, Venus will move into Taurus. It will remain in Taurus from May 19 until June 12 at 6:37 p.m. The movement of Venus will affect all 12 zodiac signs.

For some, this shift may feel like winning the lottery, while for others it may disrupt their happiness and prosperity. Astrologist Dr Mrityunjay Tiwari, Head of the Department of Astrology at Shree Kalaji Vedic University, explains how the transit of Venus into Taurus will affect each zodiac sign.

Influences on 12 zodiac signs

Aries: Transit of Venus can be a blessing for people of your sign. Income in business may increase, and working people may succeed in their careers. There may be new opportunities to advance their careers. Love and married life will be happy. You will be happy to get back money borrowed or stuck somewhere.

Taurus: Venus entering your sign may be like winning the lottery for you. Any new business between May 19 and June 12 can bring you good luck. During this period, you are likely to get the full support of luck. You can benefit from many sources of income, thanks to which your financial situation will suddenly improve and strengthen.

Gemini: This change in Venus will teach you self-control. You have to be patient when it comes to spending money, work, education, and relationships. Ill-conceived investments and lavish spending can ruin your financial condition. Think twice before trusting anyone, otherwise you may get yourself into trouble. If you work in a planned manner, your problems will be reduced.

Cancer: Venus will be kind to you. Along with the increase in your amenities and facilities, there are also signs of an increase in your income. Your honor and respect will increase. An opportunity to make profits may appear, which will enhance the economic aspect. Your savings may be higher than before. You may get some good news.

Leo: With the grace of Venus, you may get lucky. You may get the job of your choice or your position and standing in your current workplace may improve. People doing business in a partnership may apply. The format will still be good. You may get a job in a new place.


Virgo: Those born under your sign may get positive results due to the arrival of Venus in Taurus. Starting May 19, you may get a chance to make money. You will be happy to recover old debts and stuck money. Family life will be happy. You will get full support from your wife. Good times lie ahead for the economy.

Libra: The transit of Venus may be beneficial for your work and work. Romance between love partners may increase. Those who are thinking about marriage can make their decision because the time is right. People associated with business may suddenly get a huge demand.

Scorpio: Your bank balance may increase due to Venus changing your sign. A financial windfall could make you rich. The lack of funds may disappear. As income increases, you may spend money to improve your lifestyle. During this time, you may meet someone who will help you.

Sagittarius: If those born under your sign want to work in a partnership after May 19, the time is right. Partnership work can be progressive. Family life will be happy and disputes may be resolved. This time may be more profitable for the business world.

Capricorn: Money may enter your home thanks to Venus. You will be blessed by the planet Venus, which will give you the possibility of making sudden financial gains. New sources of income may be opened which will improve your financial condition. The time is good for those who are looking for work, they may get some good news.

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  • Aquarius: You may feel the positive impact of the transit of Venus on your life. There may be many positive changes in your life that may help you move forward. After May 19, the golden time that you have been waiting for for a long time may come to you. You may get the opportunity to move forward faster in your business. It’s time to make a name for yourself through work.

    Pisces: Effects of change in your sign. Venus may have bitter and sweet experiences for those born under your sign. During this time, you need to control your speech otherwise things may go wrong and cause problems at work. Physical injury may also bother you.

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    First published: 15 May 2024 at 11:53 IST

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