The Las Vegas Raiders will travel massive distances in 2024

The Las Vegas Raiders already know who they’ll be playing in the 2024 season, but they’ll find out when they play them later this evening.

The NFL announces teams’ home and away opponents long before the full schedule is released. It uses a formula to determine who will play whom.

The Raiders will be anxiously waiting to find out when they will play their opponents. They’ll face a series of tough opponents on the road, and they’ll cover air miles over those distances.

Calculating distances provided by sportmapworld.com, the Raiders will travel a total of 11,687 miles in all of their road games.

The Raiders will play their traditional AFC West foes at home and on the road, as they do every year. Next, they will travel to face the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Los Angeles Rams.

It will be the longest the Raiders will travel when they face the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium for the second straight season. They will travel a distance of 2,173 air miles. The Raiders did well against the Dolphins’ high-powered offense last season, eventually falling 20-13.

It will be the shortest distance the Raiders will travel when they face the Rams and the Chargers at SoFi Stadium. Each trip will take them just 232 miles. The Raiders split the series with the Chargers last season and last played the Rams in 2022 when they fell in a thriller on Thursday Night Football.

Raiders fans will be watching the team’s trip to the Superdome where they will face the Saints and former quarterback Derek Carr. This is the first time Carr will face his former team since leaving in 2023. That trip will be 1,512 miles through the air.

The Raiders will travel more than 1,000 miles for games six times in 2024. They will face the aforementioned Saints and Dolphins, along with trips to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Kansas City Chiefs (1,151 miles), Bengals (1,686 miles), and Buccaneers (1,686 miles). 1,986 miles) and Ravens (2,106 miles).

All these road games can get tiring, so… Raiders They’ll have to keep their wits about them when they hit the road this season. They’ll certainly be traveling well when the calendar turns to 2025.

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