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Animal activists on “foreign agents” bill.

Animal protection organizations in Georgia They issued a joint statement urging “Georgian Dream” Not adopting the controversial in the end Draft law on “foreign agents”.Or “Russian law” as it is commonly referred to in the community. The statement notes that the Georgian government does not provide financial assistance to these organizations, making them critically dependent on small international grants.

After the “Foreign Agents” bill is passed, these organizations will have to stop their activities. The statement also emphasizes that the financial affairs of these organizations are fully transparent.

What does the statement say?

“For the past 20 years, no government has been able to create humane and effective programs to address the huge number of stray animals in the country.

In the face of ongoing government failures, as non-profit organizations, we work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of stray animals.

We do not receive government support. In Georgia, it is very difficult to find other sources of funding for our work. Therefore, we rely on citizens of foreign countries with high civic responsibility and on small international grants.

It is unacceptable for us to be classified as “foreign agents” for this reason.

Despite what government propaganda tells us, the nonprofit sector is transparent. Like any other organization, these organizations also have to file monthly tax returns and record their expenses and income on the relevant revenue service websites.

We also pay a lot of taxes, like any other sector. The Foreign Influence Transparency Act does not improve transparency. Instead, this law will impose an administrative burden on organizations, forcing us to cease operations.

On the contrary, the problem of transparency in our field is related to the public sector. We have no information on how much municipal programs spend on humane solutions for stray animals. These programs are ineffective and waste a lot of taxpayer money.

It is not clear who, how and by what rules many municipal shelters are managed, where animals are deprived of basic needs such as food and veterinary care.

This double standard is not only characteristic of our sector. The same situation applies to organizations that provide assistance to cancer patients, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, or the homeless. Today, these organizations provide services that the government cannot provide.

We work to solve problems that arise as a result of the authorities’ systematic inability to solve them. We serve the people of Georgia, and with this law the government declares us “agents of foreign influence.”

It is disturbing that instead of doing its job and solving these important social problems, the government is attacking organizations that care about the people of the country.

We express our solidarity with other non-profit NGOs that are constantly under attack by the government. We call on all animal lovers to oppose the law which is not only unethical, but will make our work impossible and leave many stray animals without help. We call on the President to veto the “Russian law.” We call on the government not to override the veto.”

Animal activists on “foreign agents” bill.

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