Starmer warns ‘no quick fix’ as he unveils Labour election pledges in speech – latest

Keir Starmer launched his Labor election campaign with six pledges to voters

Sir Keir Starmer has been fired Pitch workers to voters previous to General electionsand detect a set of Six steps To the government.

Speaking from Essex this morning, I join him Deputy leader Angela Rayner and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves.

He pledged to bring economic stability, reduce NHS waiting times, create a new border security command to end criminal boat gangs, and create a publicly owned energy company, called Great British Energy.

He promised to address anti-social behaviour, and will announce the appointment of 6,500 new teachers.

It comes as Rishi Sunak Launched in his country Keyword Earlier this week he criticized Labor for fighting on a ‘Starmer versus Sunak’ basis.

But Sir Keir is convinced that he wants it to be a personal battle between the two men over who is the better candidate to run the country.


Sir Keir Starmer concluded his keynote address

In case you missed it, the Labor leader has unveiled a card containing six steps that are “fully funded and ready to go to change the country”.

With his sleeves rolled up and his readiness to address what the conservatives “harmed,” he promised the following:

  • 1- Economic stability
  • 2- Cutting waiting lists for the National Health Service
  • 3- New Border Security Command
  • 4- Great new British energy
  • 5- Treating anti-social behavior
  • 6- 6,500 additional teachers
He modeled his plan on Tony Blair of Essex (Getty Images)

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:41


New job versus job change

One reporter asks: “Tony Blair had five pledges, you have six. He had New Labour, you changed Labor. He took off that tie, and yours too. Are you just a Blair impersonator?”

He answers that the most important thing about Blair is that he was able to move the party from the opposition to power.

Paying tribute to the former Prime Minister, he said he had successfully pursued people to vote Labor and “won three elections in a row”.

But he claims: “The changes we are facing now are not the same.

“For people who ask, ‘Who is the leader you have tattooed on the inside of your arm?’ the answer is none of them.”

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:31


“This government has lost control,” says Starmer.

Sir Keir Starmer claims the Conservatives’ plan to stop the boats is not working.

“If you don’t have a right to be here, you’ll be turned away, and that’s not happening,” he says.

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:27


“Starmer’s heir to Blair”

Sir Keir Starmer is accused of making similar pledges to Blair’s Conservative-New Labor plan.

LBC’s Natasha Clarke asks: “Do you feel like Tony Blair today?”

Without denying the existence of a Blair-style election campaign, he replied: “Let me reject the idea that this is a card of the Conservative Party.”

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:23


The work aims to achieve a big goal

Starmer has claimed that his election campaign does not lack ambition.

“Imagine the NHS getting back on its feet, and imagine clean energy by 2030,” he says. “I don’t accept their baby steps.

“If you can’t pay your bills or buy a house, these are huge changes that are really important.”

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:19


Starmer takes questions from the press

Asked before Sky News On scaling back his ambition: “I don’t underestimate my ambition at all.”

He claims he has been formulating his strategy for more than four years after the “chaos” caused by Rishi Sunak.

“The first change was to change the Labor Party from the inside out” and recognize the Conservative Party as “incompetent,” he says.

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:15


“It’s a plan to change the district.”

Concluding his speech, Starmer says: “This is the message we can say on every doorstep across the country.”

“With these first steps we can rebuild our country with Labour.”

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:10


Work to provide 6,500 additional teachers

He promises: “We have to prepare young people for the jobs they will actually perform in the lives they will live.

“We have to focus on creativity and confidence. But we need to get…

“We don’t have enough teachers.”

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:08


Working to take strict measures against anti-social behaviour

5- Treating anti-social behavior

“We have to campaign for 30,000 new community officers to keep your streets safe,” he says.

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:06


Great British Energy

4- Great new British energy

He pledged to create a publicly funded energy company to address skyrocketing energy bills.

He says Great British Energy will “exploit clean, taxpayer-owned British energy, making money for the taxpayer. Investing in the future and lowering bills for good.”

Salma WajiraMay 16, 2024 at 11:05

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