Fight Political Fear with Kingdom Hope

In 1984, two Christian friends of mine lived together in Washington, D.C., as summer interns. One of them worked full time to elect Walter Mondale and the Democrats. The other worked full time to elect Ronald Reagan and the Republicans. In August, when they returned to California for their final year of college, they laughed that they might have canceled out each other’s efforts.

How many Christian friends will enjoy the same kind of summer together in 2024?

Many of us care a lot about who wins the presidential election this year. Although the partisan fires are not as burning as they were 40 years ago, Richard Lovelace Notice Similar spirit then:

Every four years the American people elect a new president with the hope that this will somehow make things better. Economic downturns, crop failures, moral decline, and deteriorating international conditions are all blamed on presidents, who in most cases have little control over events. In the hearts of the people there is a felt and unclear conviction that if the right ruler comes, the world will be healed of all its wounds.

To be honest, the presidential election meant a lot to. I spent the first decade of my adult life in Washington, D.C., including a six-year stint as a political lobbyist for Apple. I know what it means to live and breathe politics as a Christian. During the 1992 election, the Lord began to align my political energies with the gospel message revealed in Daniel 2. I have returned to the book of Daniel every election year since.

The peak of the kingdom of political history

In the exile of Judah to Babylon, Daniel sees God’s people suffering on a massive scale. He later saw the Babylonian Empire defeated by the Persians. For Daniel, the question is whether the rise of world empires has made the Kingdom of God moot. Despite all the bloodshed and appearances to the contrary, the answer from the book of Daniel is a resounding no.

In Daniel 2, the prophet interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, in which an uncut stone struck and destroyed a great statue representing the mighty empires of the world. Daniel tells us that the stone represents the Kingdom of God, and sees the Kingdom of God as the culmination of all political history: “And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. . . . And it will crush all these kingdoms.” [our world’s successive empires] And He will consume them, and they will remain forever” (verse 44).

If we read the entire Book of Daniel, we notice how powerful, terrifying, and dangerous the kingdoms of men are. No wonder, while working in the capital, I felt the oxygen draining from my chest when I passed a president standing in the doorway.

But Daniel calls us to be drawn to something even more wonderful: the Kingdom of God. At the end of history, all empires (including America) will be like straw scattered in the wind (verse 35). Only one empire will remain standing: Jesus’ kingdom. The Lord’s Prayer causes us to pray this: “Thy kingdom come.” . . On earth as it is in heaven.”

Our unjustified fear and hope

This frees us from all the situation Political elections in perspective. Daniel encourages us to resist unfounded fear this year. The Kingdom of God cannot be hindered by any leader. He says: “ And the God of heaven will establish a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and its kingdom will not be left to any other people” (verse 44).

The Bible encourages us to resist unfounded fear this year. The Kingdom of God cannot be hindered by any ruler.

It has never been easy to be a follower of Jesus (see 2 Timothy 3:12). Daniel’s friends escaped execution by oven. Daniel escapes the execution of lions. Despite the dangers, Daniel urges us to keep our eyes on the only kingdom standing. If Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome cannot stop the Kingdom of God, then no ruler today can stop it.

Daniel also urges us to resist unjustified hope: the Kingdom of God is not established by any political leader but by God Himself. Daniel says: “The God of heaven will establish a kingdom. . “.

What the world needs more of

While working in DC, I volunteered for a university ministry. A speaker once asked students, “If God made you king or queen of the world, what would you do?”

Students struggled to come up with initiatives worthy of this power. Someone said he would make sure everyone got a great education. Another said she would distribute the world’s food fairly among everyone. But the room became disturbed. No one felt that they were taking full advantage of global sovereignty. “I will make sure every child has a loving family,” one student said. How can one Politically Affect true family love? Finally, another asked: “Can we make everyone become Christians?” The exercise collapsed. At this point, everyone saw that they could not influence the world’s deepest needs through politics.

This exercise was catching my attention. If global sovereignty were so limited in its effects, what could the insignificant political expert hope to achieve? I have friends who have contributed a lot to politics over the decades. But it is important to realize that Jesus does not need your candidate to win in order to establish His kingdom.

our responsibility

So, as we vote this year, let’s… Reject anxiety and madness. Billions of dollars and man hours are being spent calling this election the most important election of your life. I am 61 years old. I’ve been told this every four years. I don’t buy it anymore.

Jesus does not need your candidate to win in order to establish his kingdom.

Instead, let us humbly Seek the Lord’s willThey considered the issues and the candidates, and consulted together as “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17). So let’s vote with love and respect, knowing that Jesus’ kingdom does not ultimately depend on the outcome of the election.

And if the relational ties of your religious community have been broken by politics, name the real problem lovingly, like an 18th-century priest. John Newton She did: “We feel the power of the gospel dimly.” Pee very deep Poetry That the gospel was “the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16), and that he never worried about Caesar’s identity. Oh, if only Jesus would let us experience his kingdom like this the A pearl of great price and quality the The hidden treasure (Matthew 13:44-46) that enables us to draw the claws of our hearts from the politicians to our eternal King, Jesus Himself.

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