Qatar Airways Cargo and Animal Defenders International Transport Six Young Lions Home to Africa

Qatar Airways Cargo has once again provided assistance to Animal Defenders International, this time by transporting six lion cubs from the illegal wildlife trade to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Johannesburg.

The males Majestic, Arrow, Brave, and Sword, and the females Doe and Aziza, known as the “Kuwait 6,” were cared for at the Kuwait Zoo. Kuwaiti government officials contacted Animal Defenders International (ADI) to help the lions, so ADI offered them a home at its 455-acre sanctuary in South Africa.

Mark Drrosch, Chief Cargo Officer at Qatar Airways Cargo, said: “We are proud to once again support ADI, this time by returning these six beautiful lions to their home in Africa. Our WeQare Rewild the Planet initiative is our commitment to restoring wildlife and threatened species.” extinct in their natural habitat, free of charge.

“It takes a lot of effort and logistics for our team to organize the transport of such large animals; from logistics at airports, loading and unloading animals from the plane to ensuring the correct cages and animal welfare are in place, but it is something we are all very proud and excited to be a part of.

Jan Kramer, president of Animals Defenders International, added: “Kuwait’s six lions have their entire lives ahead of them, and they will have acres of space in the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. We are grateful to Qatar Airways Cargo and their WeQare program for once again supporting us by covering the cost of air transportation to Africa. We are also very grateful to our ADI supporters who help fund their care.

Al-Zahraa Al-Janabi, Senior Translator, Animal Welfare Department, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources in Kuwait: “We would like to thank ADI Wildlife Sanctuary for their support and efforts in providing a better habitat for the six lions from Kuwait. We also extend our thanks to Qatar Airways Air Cargo for providing “People are underestimating the risks of keeping wild animals as pets. They may be wonderful creatures, but they are also predators. We need more awareness to combat wildlife trafficking.”

Qatar Airways Cargo continues to emphasize its commitment to animal welfare. The shipping company recently opened its new state-of-the-art animal center and relaunched its live product, setting new standards in live animal transport. As a leading transport company, with more than 550,000 animals to be transported in 2023, the company continues to champion animal welfare globally, ensuring operations are respected and contributing positively to the welfare of animals.

Qatar Airways Cargo’s WeQare Sustainability Program consists of a series of chapters focusing on four key pillars: environment, society, economy and culture. It is a conscious endeavor to create a more positive impact on the industry and the world. Chapter Two, Rewilding the Planet, encourages the preservation of ecological balance by providing free transportation to organizations involved in returning wild animals to their natural habitat.

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