Kao Releases Progress Report On Its Kirei Lifestyle ESG Plan

Kao Company Released a progress report on its ESG (environmental, social and governance) strategy – Kerry Lifestyle Plan In the Kao Sustainability Report 2024.

The company continued its activities related to respect for human rights, which is the basis of all company activities, including the formulation of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) policy.

With regard to palm oil, one of the main raw materials used by Kao, the company aims to establish traceability throughout the supply chain, all the way to the oil palm plantations, to ensure sustainable procurement. The progress report also includes quantitative data on the results of Kao’s environmental, social and governance activities, contributions to its financial results, and envisioned future growth.

Dave Moens, ESG at Kao, said:

“In 2023, we accelerate our initiatives towards our K27 Medium-Term Plan with the visions of ‘Sustainability as the Only Path’ and ‘Protecting Future Lives.’ In our 2024 Kao Sustainability Report, we share our progress on the three commitments of the Kerry Lifestyle Plan looking forward to 2023. 2030, as well as new efforts to enhance the Kerry way of life. This includes publishing a policy of action on biodiversity and disclosure based on the TNFD framework, advancing human rights, learning and innovation, and efforts towards greater transparency.


Kao considered the expected financial impact of biodiversity risks identified in the previous year. Following the final recommendations of the TNFD framework announced in September 2023, Kao has been registered as an adopter. This comes in response to TNFD’s request for companies, “TNFD Adopters”, wishing to participate in disclosing information in accordance with TNFD recommendations. CAO will continue to take specific actions to propose nature-positive biodiversity strategies and set target targets.

Human Rights and DE&I

Kao accelerated the DE&I process, creating a new DE&I policy in June 2023. The company has leveraged multiple opportunities across Kao’s broad range of companies to create a more inclusive community for employees, business partners and all people.

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