LEGO Has The Perfect Blueprint For an Animal Crossing-Like Game


  • LEGO has a rich history in video games, but has yet to venture into life simulation games like Animal Crossing.
  • However, LEGO Island has laid a solid foundation for a potential Animal Crossing-like life simulator with colorful NPCs and universal themes.
  • With LEGO experimenting with popular genres via its Fortnite mode, a LEGO life-sim could be the next step in the brand’s gaming evolution.

LEGO has had a surprisingly long career in video games, starting in 1995 with the release of Lego building fun, a puzzle game exclusive in Japan for SEGA Pico. Since then, LEGO has experimented with a wide range of genres, from its long line of action-adventure film adaptations to racing games and even racing games. Pole simulators. But LEGO is still trying to get its act together Animal crossing-Like a life simulation game.

Although it was not the first life simulation game to hit the gaming market, it was Animal crossing The series has remained the gold standard of the genre, offering vibrant, charming worlds filled with colorful characters and a compelling checklist of everyday activities. with Lego Fortnite Being quite a successful departure from the company’s usual video game production, it seems likely that it would like to continue experimenting with other popular genres, and Animal crossing– Like the LEGO life-sim game it already has some old foundations to build on.


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LEGO Island has laid a great foundation for gameplay similar to LEGO Animal Crossing

A brief history of Lego Island

Only the second game released by LEGO, 1997 Lego island It was a very ambitious computer game that attempted to offer a fully explorable open world long before it became a regular occurrence in the industry. Taking control of pizza delivery boy Pepper Ronnie, players are tasked with exploring the titular world, conversing with its citizens, completing various side activities, and ultimately putting an end to Brickster’s evil plans to harm the island. far ahead of his time, Lego island It allows players to freely explore the island via a range of different vehicles including a car, jet ski, ambulance, and helicopter.

In 2001, Silicon Dreams produced a sequel to the 1997 classic titled Lego Island 2: Brickster’s Revenge, this PC and PS1 title essentially took the solid foundations of its predecessor and improved upon them in every way. Instead of exploring just one area, Lego Island 2 Giving players three different worlds to wander through, each based on a scientist Iconic LEGO theme, such as castle, adventure and space. Players can once again freely explore each area and interact with a variety of colorful NPCs, including beloved LEGO characters like Johnny Thunder.

Just one year later, Silicon Dreams was released Extreme erotic islandthe final match in the Lego island series. This third and final installment once again allowed players to explore the island in a non-linear manner, but this time players could participate in filming various stunts for an in-universe action movie. Although the car’s controls are still simple, Extreme erotic island Do offer some Tony Hawk-Like trick mechanics, which makes traversal a little more engaging.

How LEGO Island could evolve into a life simulation game

althoug Lego island Most of the games have been vehicle-oriented open-world exploration games, and their DNA actually lays down some pretty solid foundations for a virtual LEGO game Animal crossing-Like life sim. For example, Lego island‘s focus on colorful NPCs and their humorous interactions would work perfectly in a life-simulating LEGO game, as would its connection to a uniquely themed world. Players can take control of Pepper Roni once again and venture into each of these themed worlds, meeting new characters, strengthening social connections, completing menial tasks, and bringing home some resources to craft some new furniture items to customize their home or build a new one. Vehicles and tools that will make exploring the island easier.

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