Should Musicians Stay Out Of The Political Arena? TOM GABRIEL FISCHER Weighs In

During his appearance in the last episode of Manifestations of Satan Podcast, previous Hellhammer/Celtic frost And current Trypticon Singer, guitarist and principal songwriter Tom Gabriel Fisher (Also known as Tom Gabriel Warrior) have weighed in on the debate over whether musicians should use their platform, whether on record or on stage, to preach their political and environmental views. He said in part (as quoted by bluebermouth.net): “It’s a fine line. It’s a two-sided thing. I’m the first to never like being told what to think and what to do. Starting from my school time, which was severely damaged by my constant problems with authority figures and my unwillingness to be told What I got to do, and of course, that paved the way for my whole life but at the same time, I’ve been given a platform, a huge gift from the public and in my opinion, even though honestly I don’t take myself too seriously, and I really mean that, and people who know me know That’s true, but I still think we have some kind of responsibility if we’re given this platform as a gift, are you supposed to go blindly and never address anything that needs to be addressed, especially for young people, and I’m speaking as a former young person, with the same issues for decades She went on.

He continued: “I really don’t want to be Bono to U2 Or some other hero, even if I sometimes share their fears. But I don’t want to be a missionary, and I respect my audience in the way I look at myself. I guess they don’t want to be told what to think. What right do I have to tell them, politically, environmentally, whatever, do I have a right to tell them? No, I don’t really have the right. They don’t want to be told Tom silly warrior, of all, what are you thinking or what are you doing. So it’s kind of an internal debate. Are you addressing issues that you know need to be addressed, especially for the people who shape this planet now and in the future, and the young people in the audience? Do you address these issues or do you keep your mouth shut because it’s not your place? I’m not a politician – otherwise I would be a politician – but I’m a musician. On the other hand, I’ve traveled the world for 43 years and seen a million things, talked to a million people and seen the ups and downs, and I tend to hope that I have some kind of happiness. Intelligence I follow what happens to the environment, I follow what happens to repressed people, to women, to animals. And sometimes it is very difficult for me to be silent. So I address these things. I’m simply trying to give it some measure and not overdo things. Like I said, I don’t want to be Bono, but I know that the people who come to my concerts come for the music and not for the sake of it. TomSilly preaching. But this is always a very difficult issue, and you have to trust your instinct and you have to trust, is this the right moment for this or not?”

Tom He added: “Music carries ideas too. Music carries energy. And I have to admit that some of the things some musicians have said I look up to in the last 50 years. Since I became a metal fan in the 70s, sometimes I read a piece of music.” I did an interview or read an interview when I was a young teenager, and I was like, “Wow, that makes me think.” Even though I’m reading this interview for the music, but sometimes they’d say something about the environment or something else or the political situation, and I’d say, “Wow, that makes me think.” So, yes, you have that responsibility in a way. It would be very blind to continue and act as if the planet is perfect and then never say anything. “I’m just doing it for record sales.” How superficial is that? No, sometimes you have to – if you have some kind of conscience, you have to risk at least parts of your career, because you’ll always find people who disagree with you and might not buy your albums anymore, but sometimes you have to risk it against each other. And take responsibility and say something, as long as you do it well, I think.

Fisher He went on to say that he understands why some fans tend to get upset when musicians they follow on social media talk about their political beliefs.

“One of my favorite counter-arguments is that he’s a musician. He should stick to playing music, and I of course understand the argument and it has a point.” Tom to explain. “But on the other hand, who are you? If you’re a baker or a taxi driver or a banker, you also have a political opinion. And why is that opinion better than…?” [Being] Music is also a job. And just because [I’m] music, [I] Shouldn’t express mine? And since you’re a baker, you know better than me? No, we all have our opinions, and if anything, we’ve traveled the world for 43 years, to all kinds of countries, and connected with the people who live there – like we were literally in touch, not as a tourist, but actually talking to them and traveling to their countries on tours. And all – that probably gives you better stewardship of the planet than a housewife from Hackney [a suburb of London]”.

Manifestations of Satan Hosted by Cheyenne, musician and fitness trainer, was born in Tehran, Iran after the Islamic Revolution. He grew up in a world of totalitarian religious extremism, under cultural and societal restrictions, the defiance of which could lead to prison sentences or even death. He is known as the bandleader and guitarist of the black/death metal band trifaxnow based in the United Kingdom.

last year, Tom And the rest Trypticon They held several concerts during which they performed a range of early songs Celtic frost Songs celebrating the influential Swiss metal band he co-founded 40 years ago.

Guitar player Martin Eric Ainwho played with him Fisher together Hellhammer And Celtic frostHe died in October 2017 after suffering a heart attack at the age of 50.

Celtic frost They reformed in 2001 and released their comeback album “Unified” via Century media/Wandering death in 2006. The band broke up in 2008 Fisher Being shaped Trypticon.

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