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Animal well It is the first release from the publisher Bigmode, In front of YouTubers videogamedunkey It was developed by Billy Basso over a period of seven years. Now, the game has been released, and it’s taken the internet by storm, hitting a 91 on Metacritic and creating quite a buzz around the web.


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Sometimes, getting the full narrative in a Metroidvania can become a difficult task, but all of these execute their stories remarkably well.

We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole at Animal Well too, and found that the more you discover about the game itself, the more questions you uncover. Our Complete Animal Well Guide is a summary of all the guide content, menus and features we’ve published since launch.

The less you know before you start playing Animal Well yourself, the better, but our Animal Well walkthrough will break down the surprises you’ll find on your first playthrough. Final warning of upcoming spoilers!

  • General content and manuals

    Rabbits from the Animal Well title screen

    Animal Well is unique in that it has three “layers” of the game. The majority of the content in our complete Animal Well guide below is broken down into those layers, but for beginner tips and general guides that don’t fit neatly into one of the layers, you’ve come to the right section.

  • First layer guides

    Bubble rides the disc between the animal statues at Animal Well.

    From the time you first fire up Animal Well and emerge from your little bud to the time you flip the switch and the credits roll on the final puzzle of the first layer, there’s so much to see, do, learn and collect! Everything you need for the first section of the game can be found in the guides below.

  • Second and third layer guides

    The entrance to the house is in the animal well

    Just when you think you’re done playing Animal Well, the second layer pulls back and invites you to a second pass through the same areas you just finished exploring. But did you do it? truly Checking every nook and cranny? Did you return back to each room after obtaining tools and inventory items from different areas of the map? There’s a lot to see in Animal Well – the real game begins when the credits roll.

    Meanwhile, the third “layer” of the game covers searching for remaining background secrets, such as all the rabbits hidden around the map. Since it’s not big enough for its own section, you can find information about the third layer of the Animal Well in this section as well.

  • Features and menus

    Solve the puzzle of the rabbit mural in the animal world.
    The complete solution to Animal Well’s rabbit wall puzzle

    Finally, with Animal Well having made quite a splash online since its launch, the final section of our Animal Well walkthrough is all of the game’s additional content. We’ve written plenty of features, news articles and lists since Animal Well launched, and all of TheGamer’s opinion pieces about the game can be found below.

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