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Earlier this month, when news of quality triple-A games left many of us lacking in confidence in the industry as a whole, a slew of indie games arrived one after another to remind us that even if every major publisher on the planet has resorted to trying to create the next… Call of duty or fortniteWe will always have great indie games. Among so many welcome reminders it was great Animal wellAnd now you can pre-order a physical copy of Bigmode’s debut.

Coming to you thanks to Limited Run Games – the same company responsible for making sure The physical version of Hi-Fi Rush Still Seeing the Light – The physical version of Animal Well was announced ahead of the digital version’s release on May 9. However, it’s not available for pre-order yet, and while you won’t have it until later this year, the pre-order window will only be open for a limited time. Pre-order the game before June 23, 2024, after which it will be gone forever.


Animal Well Review: You won’t believe how deep this well is

Animal Well is a non-combat Metroidvania with deep and complex secrets.

Well, decision time. There are two versions of the physical version of Animal Well to choose from, each available on either Nintendo Switch or PS5. If all you want is the standalone game on a cartridge or disc in a standard box, Limited Run has the standard edition from Animal Well. Priced at $39.99, you can place your pre-order for the standard physical release of Animal Well below, and there is no pre-order bonus before you ask. Since the pre-order window is the only time the game will ever be available, it’s not necessary to entice customers with a bonus.

Pre-order the physical edition of Animal Well before the window closes forever

Animal well

Standard edition

Animal well

Shared Memory’s Animal Well is a Metroidvania with exploration, puzzles, and platforming. Billy Basso takes place in a dense maze full of animals.

Pre-order bonus

Additional content

If you’re currently playing through Animal Well or have already finished it, loved everything about it as much as I did and want to celebrate it even more, you’ll want to consider the Collector’s Edition. At least take a look at that even though $99.99 seems like a lot of money, there is a lot of stuff packed in there that you can’t and will never be able to buy anywhere else.

Animal Well Collector's Edition Box

Collector’s edition

Animal well

The Animal Well Bundled Edition not only gives you a physical copy of the game, but it also gives you a wealth of physical goodies associated with it, including a colorful version of the game’s full map.

Pre-order bonus

Additional content

  • Collector’s Edition box
  • Rainbow laminate lithography
  • Interactive acrylic display scene
  • Complete map of the game
  • 3D stickers
  • Stamp stickers
  • Thematic magazine
  • pencil

The extras you get if you choose the Animal Well Collector’s Edition include a deluxe box to keep everything in, an Animal Well themed journal you can use to take notes while exploring, and my favorite thing of all, a 24″ x 36″ well map. Ideal for those who will be playing Animal Well for the first time, as you won’t need to rely on unlocking the map as you progress. You can place your physical copy on the wall above your screen and refer to it whenever you want.

Pre-orders for the physical version of Animal Well are open now and will close on June 23, and the games will ship between October 7 and November 7. It’s only available on Nintendo Switch and PS5 with no word on whether or not the standalone game will ever be released. X-Box Edition, whether digital or physical.


Is Animal Well multiplayer?

No, Animal Well does not have a multiplayer mode. It is only a single player game.

Is Animal Well not coming to Xbox?

Animal Well is currently not available on Xbox. It was made by one person, Billy Basso, and the workload meant “there was something to give,” according to Basso’s business partners. The potential Xbox version was that thing.

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