DJ’s Super Honest Food Review: Kabuto

One of my favorite types of food is Japanese cuisine! If you’re craving some Japanese dishes or sushi, you should probably head to Sakura, Kaiseki, Slurpin’ Ramen Bar, Benja’s, or Kabuto! Now, I’m not a sushi fan, but… love Fried rice and beef teriyaki! It’s definitely one of my favorite meals ever. I tried one of these places for the first time ever.


Kabuto is located on The Promenade at Red Cliffs next to Durango’s. This was the same place where Samurai 21 was, where Johnny Sakura transformed Samurai 21 into what we now know as “Sakura”! This place has an amazing history of great Japanese food. This is my niece’s favorite restaurant in town. She had just graduated from Desert Hills High School and wanted some Kabuto! I went with her, my sister, her two young children, and my father.


Upon entering this place, they did a great job of setting the atmosphere. It doesn’t feel cheap or inauthentic. The restaurant has a very modern look, with plenty of seating, a sushi bar, and even TVs showing sports. The place was also packed with customers. It was a little loud, but that’s only because it was full of people having dinner. They also have a great playlist of low key music.


I ordered the beef teriyaki with white rice. The beef came hot in a little teriyaki sauce. I mixed some soy sauce into the white rice, and that was good too! The beef was cut into long strips, tender and full of flavour. Very delicious.

My sister ordered chicken fried rice. It had pieces of grilled chicken mixed in big A bowl of fried rice with onions, green onions, eggs and vegetables. I tried it and was immediately angry that I didn’t ask for it too. That was some the killer Fried rice! I will definitely order it when I return. It was amazing, and a huge bowl!

My niece and dad ordered sushi, which they loved and ate to the max. But obviously I can’t review it because I didn’t eat it. But they are big Sushi lovers in Kabuto!

the price:

Teriyaki beef and white rice was about $18. I recently wrote about another Japanese place in town that I thought was too expensive for the portion size. But I felt that this price and portion size were right on point.


Caputo is open 7 days a week. On Mondays – Saturdays they are open from 11:00 AM to 9:30 AM, and on Sundays they close an hour earlier from 11:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

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