Katie Holmes Bravely Travels in White Wide-Leg Jeans & Matching Bag

Celebrity travel outfits can go many ways. They can be a cut-and-sewn embodiment of wanderlust, e.g Kendall Jenner sheer dress from Khaite For a Mallorca cruise. They can stack directions, e.g Jennifer Lawrence double denim and mesh flats Moment trip to the airport. Or they can make closet staples look like a leap into fashion with a carefully selected color palette, e.g Katy Holmes White wide leg jeans.

On her way home from a weekend getaway, Holmes walked through New York City’s Soho neighborhood wearing a travel outfit with her signature easy-to-undo style, as well as a trouser cover risky for her jostling through crowded streets. The appearance started with a Yellow butter A T-shirt and a canvas weekender bag with leather trim—two pieces you’d expect to see in the boarding area of ​​any major airport or on the Hampton Jitney bus. But her pants were a departure from her usual travel fare. Holmes wore a stern White jeans This, at least as far as this editor is concerned, would be a magnet for airplane tray spills and subway scuffs during transit.

But Holmes is a down-to-earth person, and from the looks of it, her white jeans were clean and fresh. (Exactly which store to see; tags for her clothes haven’t been decided yet, but this post will be updated when they are.)

Katie Holmes wears a yellow T-shirt and white wide-leg jeans in downtown Manhattan

Katie Holmes was photographed returning from trips on Tuesday, June 4, wearing unconventional travel attire: a butter yellow T-shirt and stark white jeans.

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Holmes ordered her accessories in neutral colors, letting her bold white jeans and matching bag do all the work. She paired a pair of tortoise-shaped sunglasses with a chic black finish Ballet flats (And perhaps unintentionally a black hair tie around her wrist.)

Katie Holmes wears white wide-leg jeans and black ballet flats with a canvas bag while traveling in New York City

Holmes brought a few of her recurring accessories back into rotation, including black peep-toe ballet flats and tortoise-shell sunglasses.

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These white Holmes jeans are roomy enough to be as comfortable as sweatpants for the plane, train or car. They’re also another vote for one of The biggest denim trends of 2024. Wide-legged, slouchy silhouettes were the highlight of runway shows from Ganni to Valentino. After the fashion shows in Paris, likewise Jeans pool They made their way to the wardrobes Jennifer Lopez And Jennifer Lawrence.

White jeans can sometimes feel like a gamble (or at least, a beacon for unwanted stains). If Holmes’ travel clothes have anything to say about it, it’s just as versatile as sweatpants or leggings.

Preparing for launch ABC GroupHolmes told me that her personal style is that Northstar looks and feels “natural.” Obviously, her definition includes stark white denim.

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