Katy’s Newest Hangout to Combine History and Texas Hospitality Fun

Katy continues to grow with businesses and 2024 is set to offer Katy families a truly unique experience with The Dryer. Formerly known as the Cardiff Rice Dryer, The Dryer will feature entertainment and history in its historic space, with The Katy Beer Garden, its first tenant, set to open this month.

Katy’s Newest Hangout to Combine History and Texas Hospitality Fun

The first dryer business will open this month

Get excited to shop and drink with friends while enjoying the history of Katy. The Dryer has big plans to incorporate entertainment and history into the historic space. The 25,000-square-foot entertainment space will include a museum, beer garden, 16 vendor spaces, a gift shop and a train ride, with plans for a farmers market and more.

Katy Beer Garden, its first tenant, is scheduled to open this month and will offer Katy families a unique blend of Texas hospitality and a Bavarian-inspired bar. They promise to cater to diverse tastes and preferences 100 beer taps, a 100-bottle wine list, a wide selection of spirits and cocktails as well as a small menu of bar food.

“Join us this summer to experience the unique blend of culture and excitement at Katy Beer Garden – where Bavaria meets Texas,” says Katy Beer Garden. Steven Salazar.

This will serve as Katy’s hangout for casual visitors and nightlife enthusiasts with amenities that include: State-of-the-art viewing with 85-inch TVs and a large 18-inch LED screen so guests don’t miss any of their favorite sports. There will be a board game area and two bocce courts, which will host a league on Thursday nights.

In addition to the beer and wine list, there will be a full mixology program curated by owner Steven Salazar. Salazar is best known for his previous (now departed) venture, Diversion Cocktails, which was recognized in Esquire magazine as one of the best new bars of 2022.

A selection of 2-3 food trucks providing a diverse culinary experience along with Bavarian pastries from our kitchen is one of the highlights of the opening menu.

The Katy Beer Garden will be open seven days a week until 2:00 a.m. Salazar says it will not just be a bar but a community hub where every night is a mix of celebration, flavor and fun.

“We invite everyone to come and enjoy what promises to be a cornerstone of local nightlife and camaraderie,” says Salazar.

For opening information, follow Katie Bear Park Connected and on Facebook.

Inspired by Magnolia Silo

The dryer will be a unique Katie experience inspired by a famous Texas location.

“My inspiration came from Magnolia Silo in Waco and The Pearl in San Antonio,” he says. Hadi (Andrew) Nurkahia, developer of The Dryer. “We are incorporating more heritage and history into our place given our deep roots here in Katy train and rice farming.”

The unique concept involving 7 different titles required a lot of permits. Nurkahia says there have been challenges and delays, but he is very grateful to city staff and their support.

At The Dryer, people will find stacked shipping containers converted into restrooms and vendor spaces. There will be an underground museum run by the Katy Heritage Society. Katie’s gift shop will be inside the cedar dryer. The first Dryer tenant to open is The Katy Beer Garden, a bar offering 10,000 square feet of indoor space and a 15,000-square-foot outdoor patio shaded by 45-foot oak trees.

You can follow updates from The Dryer on Facebook.

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