American College of Lifestyle Medicine announces 2024 Dr. Stephen Turner Residency Director and Faculty Scholarship recipients

The scholarships are made possible through a generous gift from Stephen Turner, MD, DipABLM, is a longtime Mayo Clinic nephrologist who was in the 2017 inaugural group to become certified as a physician in lifestyle medicine. The 2024 recipients represent residency specialties that include family medicine, pediatrics, preventive medicine and internal medicine. The award includes one-year ACLM membership; Attend ACLM’s 2024 Lifestyle Medicine Conference Annual conference detained October 27-30; Join in Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board ReviewFourth edition; And ABLM exam register fees.

Education in lifestyle medicine is lacking throughout medical education and training. For example, Only 29 percent of medical schools in the United States report that they meet the recommended minimum of 25 hours of nutrition education. ACLM launched LMRC in 2018 to bridge the gap in lifestyle medicine and nutrition education in postgraduate medical programs. Today, more than 300 US residency programs include LMRC.

“We know that we will never be able to change the epidemic of chronic disease and the high costs associated with it by continuing to prescribe increasing amounts of medications and expensive procedures to treat the symptoms of the disease rather than the root causes,” said ACLM’s Medical Director of Education. Brenda Rhea, MD, DrPH, PT, RD, DipABLM, Intensive Lifestyle Medicine Specialist. “Dr. Stephen Turner Residency Director and the 2024 Faculty Scholarship recipients recognize that the urgent need to transform health care must begin with education. They have chosen to lead the integration of lifestyle medicine into residency training so that the next generation of physicians will be prepared to help their patients achieve true health restoration.” “

Lifestyle medicine is a medical specialty that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as the primary method of treating chronic conditions including, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Lifestyle Medicine-certified doctors are trained to apply evidence-based, holistic, guided lifestyle change to a person to treat these conditions and, when used intensively, often lead to the reversal of these conditions. Applying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine—whole food, predominantly plant-based eating pattern, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, positive social relationships, and avoidance of hazardous substances—also provides effective prevention of these conditions.

“As a healthcare educator, my mission is to instill a holistic approach to healthcare in the minds of future doctors and foster a commitment to lifestyle medicine that extends beyond the clinic,” he said. Aubrey WheelerM.D., 2024 Fellowship recipient and co-director of Champlain Valley Physicians Family Medicine Hospital in Vermont. “I am excited to leverage scholarship support to advance this vision, contribute to the transformative integration of lifestyle medicine into our residency program and, in turn, enhance the well-being of our residents, patients, fellows, and community.”

2024 Dr. Stephen Turner is Director of Residence and Faculty Scholarship recipients

Aubrey WheelerMD
Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital
Plattsburgh, New York

Marjorie HeyerMD, FFB
Family Medicine Center
Sioux Falls, SD

Lauren MathusDo
Allegheny Health Network
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tracy NorfleetMD
St. Louis, MO

Alejandro Berrocal BravoMD, DAPFM
Mayagüez Medical Center
mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Evangelia TsapposDo
Inova Fairfax Family Practice
Springfield, Virginia

Jill ChristensenMD, MPH
Providence oregon family medicine residency
Milwaukee, OR

Tara SarabakhshDo
Karama Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center
Northridge, California

Elizabeth HowardMD, MPH
Texas Department of State Health Services
Austin, Texas

Melissa BeckMD
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mary AxelradMD
East Tennessee State University
Bristol, Tennessee

Beatrice EgbohBachelor of Medicine and Surgery, FAAP
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE

Davis YoungMD
McNeil Family Medicine Residency
Berwyn, Illinois

Kelsey WertzlerMD
Full circle health
Boyes, ID

Abiona RedwoodMD
community Health South Florida
Miami, FL

Christian MadisonMD
Uniformed Services University
Arlington, Virginia

on ACLM®
Serving as a catalyst for transformation, a disruptor of the status quo, and a catalytic force for change, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine is the nation’s medical professional society working to advance the field of lifestyle medicine as the foundation for equitable, redesigned, value-based health care. Delivery system, essential for achieving the 5-point goal and whole person health. ACLM represents, advocates, trains, certifies and equips its members to identify and eliminate the root cause of chronic disease by improving modifiable risk factors. ACLM works to fill the huge void of lifestyle medicine – including food as medicine – in medical education, across the entire medical education continuum, while advancing research, clinical practice and reimbursement strategies. Adding years to life and life to years, while reining in the alarming and unsustainable trajectory of healthcare spending, is what lifestyle medicine offers.

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Alexandria Branch, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, 9719835383, [email protected], https://lifestylemedicine.org/

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American College of Lifestyle Medicine announces 2024 Dr. Stephen Turner Residency Director and Faculty Scholarship recipients

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