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They may not understand climate change, but the 135 dogs at Miami-Dade’s overcrowded animal shelter are feeling the heat.

The shelter, which does not have air conditioning, is located in the city of Medley, which recorded maximum temperatures of more than 90 degrees on 20 of 31 days in May.

“The Medley facility is an outdoor facility. It was designed that way. There’s a really nice breeze, but as we know, these summer months are extremely hot. Today, we’re seeing temperatures in excess of 100 degrees,” said Annette Jose. , director of animal services in Miami-Dade.

The video shows a Miami Dade Animal Services volunteer thinking of ways to keep animals cool at the Medley outdoor shelter amid the hot weather. NBC6’s Ryan Nelson reports

Barbara Rodriguez is a concerned citizen who called the NBC6 Responds team seeking help for dogs as the summer heat approaches.

“These animals need help, and they need help now,” she said.

Volunteers at the shelter are “doing everything they can,” providing ice water to the dogs and using cooling mats, Rodriguez said.

Only in Dad She shared the efforts of shelter volunteers, called for help and donations for the dogs, said industrial ventilators were needed — and the community jumped into action.

The Kentucky-based company said it immediately took the initiative to donate four industrial-sized fans.

“Volunteers and community members tagged us hundreds of times… We received messages and direct messages asking us to do whatever we could to help,” said Chloe Bates, the organisation’s social media lead. Big ass lovers.

“It has been shown to reduce temperature by about 33 degrees,” Bates said.

The county said it is grateful for the fans and other donations it has received from the public because it will help cool the dogs during the hot summer, but it does not solve the overpopulation problem.

“The reason we are here is because in 2020, when we all shut down, we stopped offering spay and neuter services,” Jose said. “We thought the right thing to do was to allow hospitals to use PPE…so a one- to two-year pause in spaying and neutering is what we’re seeing now. That’s why we have so many dogs in the community.”

In an effort to address the overpopulation problem, the province said it has allocated an additional $2 million from the budget to spay and neuter animals. The money was supposed to be used to build an animal sanctuary, but these plans were canceled after a feasibility study.

“It took us three to four years to get here. It will take time with a huge amount of spay and neuter surgeries to get this population under control,” Jose said.

Meanwhile, Animal Services continues to promote adoptions through events like NBC and Telemundo’s Survey of shelters campaign. “The dogs here don’t belong in a shelter. They belong in a home, so please open your hearts and your homes to the dogs here, so we can clear out this shelter once and for all.”

Barbara Rodriguez makes the same call to the community but also asks the county to do more, such as offering more than one adoption event a month in Medley.

“What we’re seeing is we’re not getting as many adoptions that day as we would like,” Jose said. “So what we really need is for everyone to be fully aware of the dogs that are here, come and visit them. If you want to meet a dog because you see it online, give us a call. We can make it happen.”

Medley’s next adoption event is June 15. As always, fees will be waived. To see a list of all adoption events planned by the county, click here.

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