Food Independence Summit celebrates homesteading lifestyle

  • Educational and entertaining shows about home lifestyle.
  • National speakers noted on the agenda.
  • Cultivate a self-sufficient lifestyle.

The Food Independence Summit, a celebration of native and local foods, is scheduled for June 19-20, at Timbercrest, 5552 State Route 515.

“For the first two years we have had the pleasure of showcasing food preparation and preservation methods that anyone can start with at home,” said Markus Wengerd, one of the event’s founders. “They share a passion for growing their own food.”

2023:The Independence Food Summit in Walnut Creek attracts crowds from all over the country

The schedule is packed with rich experiences for those who champion homemade, locally grown products and home farming, starting with speakers on the main stage in the big tent each morning, according to Wengerd.

Among the presenters is grandfathered farmer Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms, known for his natural approach to farming. Slatten will deliver messages on topics ranging from a frog’s perspective to overcoming obstacles in moving forward with your homesteading dreams.

Four tents featuring a variety of vendors drew crowds from across the country for the Food Independence Summit in Walnut Creek in June 2023. The event returns this month.

Salatin will be joined by agronomist Neil Kinsey, a local soil health favorite who will educate attendees on the nutritional needs of soil and plants as well as strategies for solving specific garden problems by correcting fertility.

Organic food pioneer Dave Stelzer, founder and CEO of Azure Standard, will share his thoughts alongside Sarah Thrash, aka the Crazy Canning Lady, and John Moody, from the Rogue Food Conference. Anne Briggs of anneofalltrades.com He will also be performing alongside homeowners Codi and Michelle Knox, who have 158,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel More than farmers.

2023:The Mount Hope Organic Farming Conference features speakers and farmers sharing success stories

Cultivate abundance through a self-sufficient lifestyle

Fingered and co-founder John Miller will also take the stage, emphasizing their mission to help people cultivate abundance through self-sufficiency.

Joel Salatin, also known as Crazy Farmer, will be one of the presenters at the Independence Food Summit June 19-20 at Timbercrest Campground in Walnut Creek.

Miller, president of Superb Sealing Solutions, highlights the importance of hosting this event in Ohio Amish country, where homesteading has become deeply ingrained in the local way of life.

Attendees will enjoy lunch served by Byler’s BBQ, setting the stage for an afternoon filled with workshops and exhibitors under the large tents. From the animal tent, featuring local sheep, chickens, cows and goats, to milking, to horse-drawn carriage rides, there is something for everyone.

“Whether you’re new to home gardening or a seasoned enthusiast, the Food Independence Summit offers something for everyone, equipping you with knowledge from ground to spoon,” Miller said.

Tickets are available by visit www.foodindependence.life Or call 855-654-2002.

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