These 4 Airline Loyalty Programs Offer the Best Money-Saving Perks

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Most airlines have loyalty programs, and many are free to join. These programs can help you score free or discounted flights and more Save money Suits.

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While the best airline loyalty program for you depends on which airlines serve your nearest airport, if you live near a major airport and have your choice of airlines, It may be worth sticking with one that offers the best perks for your loyalty.

GOBankingRates spoke to travel experts to get their picks for the best airline loyalty programs to join if you want to save on flights and more.

American Airlines Advantage

Aaron Sutherland, travel expert and founder Jetsetter LifestyleShe believes American Airlines’ AAdvantage loyalty program is one of the best loyalty programs available to airlines.

“Unlike some competitors, American Airlines has not fully embraced dynamic pricing, which means there are still great places to redeem miles for a fraction of the cash price,” he said. “This is especially true when traveling business class to far-flung destinations, where savings can easily reach thousands of dollars.”

Hans Mast, travel consultant at The golden rule of travelwho is also a fan of the show.

“American AAdvantage is currently the most profitable frequent flyer program,” he said. “I regularly fly with my entire family from Wichita, Kansas, to Philadelphia to visit my in-laws, a distance of 9,000 miles per person one way on American. Southwest and United will typically be over 15,000 and Delta will be 20,000.

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Delta SkyMiles

Dana Yaoa frequent traveler and travel blogger, counts Delta SkyMiles among her favorite loyalty programs.

“Delta’s SkyMiles program is distinguished by its flexibility and extensive network of airline partners,” she said. “One major benefit is the ability to redeem miles for flights not only on Delta but also on its partner airlines, providing travelers with a wide range of destination options. Additionally, Delta frequently offers promotions and bonus mileage opportunities, allowing members By maximizing their profits and savings.

Tim White, founder of Travel Hacks millbroughHe has personally saved significant amounts of money through SkyMiles.

“Over the years, this program has saved me money by providing free flights and upgrades, allowing me to travel frequently without significantly impacting my budget,” he said. “In addition, the program offers perks like priority boarding and free checked bags, which enhance my overall travel experience while saving me additional costs.”

United MileagePlus

Yao also uses United MileagePlus to save on flights.

“United’s MileagePlus program has been praised for its extensive route network and diverse redemption options,” she said. “Members can earn miles not only through flights, but also through co-branded credit cards and partner purchases. United often offers discounted flights and has a strong alliance network, making it easier for travelers to earn and redeem miles globally.” .

Quick Rewards Southwest

Pierce Hogan, owner Diverse landsa travel guide and resource site, favors Southwest Rapid Rewards.

He said: “What makes this program special is its simplicity and no blackout dates, which means I can redeem my points for any available trip.” “This flexibility has allowed me to book last-minute trips without worrying about inflated costs, which is perfect for my often spontaneous travel plans. I have used my points to get free flights for both personal and business travel, which has reduced my overall travel expenses.” Significantly.

“Plus, the Companion Pass, which allows a specific person to travel with me for free, has been a huge money saver and a great perk,” Hogan added. “The program also offers generous earning rates on flights and through a partner credit card, which helps me accumulate points quickly.”

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