Two Charged With Dealing Marijuana From Scottsburg Food Marts

After an investigation lasting more than a month, two Scottsburg men were arrested Monday, May 20 on a variety of charges including marijuana dealing, money laundering, and corrupt business influence.

Two Charged With Dealing Marijuana From Scottsburg Food Marts
Sagarbhai Patel
Two Charged With Dealing Marijuana From Scottsburg Food Marts
Jagdishkumar Patel

Jagdishkumar “Jack” M. Patel, 36, of 170 Washington St., and Sagarbhai “Sagar” M. were charged. Patel, 31, of 111 S. First St.

According to Scott County Sheriff’s Detective Donovan McCutcheon, a confidential informant told him in early April that marijuana was being sold at a Marathon station known as Scott’s Food Mart at 265 S. Gardner St.

Officers arranged for the confidential informant to purchase marijuana on three occasions at the store from store worker Sagarbhai Patel. The last purchase was for quarter-ounce bags for $140, according to the probable cause affidavit.

According to the court document, Sagar told the informant he could go to another store on US 31 (Gardner Street) next to Westlake Road and buy marijuana from the “boss” “Jack,” Jagdishkumar Patel, at that location known as Country Boy. Food Mart at 950 S. Gardner.

diet. McCutcheon took the confidential informant to Country Boy Food Mart where “Jack” recognized him from his previous purchases at Scott’s Food Mart.

At Country Boy Food Mart, the informant purchased 13 grams of marijuana from “Jack.”

According to McCutcheon, a check with the state Attorney General’s Office revealed that both stores were owned by the same people.

ANSH County Boy Inc. is incorporated. at 950 S. Garner by Jagdishkumar ‘Jack’ Patel as registered agent and Urmilaben K. Patel of Georgia as president of the company.

Scott’s Food Mart is located at 265 S. Gardner under the Khodiyar Krupa Inc. name. Urmilaben Patel serves as President and “Jack” Patel serves as Vice President.

Search warrants for the businesses were obtained and served by authorities around 1 p.m. on May 20.

While serving the search warrant, McCutcheon reported that no marijuana was found in the stores. Jack revealed that the couple knew the police were looking into them and possibly raiding their business, so they got rid of them, according to the court document.

A total of $38,844 in cash was seized from both stores, according to the court document. While taking evidence, McCutchen reported that five ten-dollar bills had serial numbers consistent with bills used during a controlled buy on May 17 at Country Boy Food Mart.

Both Patels were booked into the Scott County Jail on felony charges of corrupt business influence (2 counts), marijuana trafficking (3 counts), money laundering, public nuisance, and obstruction of justice.

The couple was released from jail on Tuesday, May 28, after each posting $6,500 cash bail.

Following their arrest, on Friday, May 24, the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office filed a motion in Scott Circuit Court for the Patels to forfeit the $38,844 in cash that was taken as evidence as at least part of it was used in the drug trade.

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