Neopets Just Got An Animal Crossing-Style Sim Game That’s Free To Play


  • Darkadia Tales
    Taken to a new level with island management, adding a narrative element and mobile accessibility.
  • is similar to
    Animal crossing
    Players clean, customize and approve
    On their island, but with a unique twist.
  • The game features a new perspective, more control over the Neopets, and a mysterious narrative, making it a fresh take on the genre.

Neopets It is already a A cultural phenomenon that has managed to survive During the different generational transformations of the Internet, however The latest installment in the franchise looks to embrace a genre that has become popular with one of the most comfortable games on the market: Animal crossing. Most gamers are probably familiar with the browser version Neopetsa simple yet charming game that allows players to adopt, customize and hang out with adorable fantasy creatures. While this iteration is still popularthose looking for something a little more modern that can also be played on the go should definitely check this out Darkadia Tales.

For each trailer, Neopets: Tales of Darkadia He looks to bring back the island’s management system that has proven so popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The footage shows players clearing a plot of land that appears to have been ravaged by time while also building and customizing the landscape with different decorations and buildings. naturally, it will not be Neopets A game without the titular creatures where players get to populate their island with animalsProviding them with all the resources they need to entertain themselves and play in the sun.


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Tales of Darkadia Vs. Animal crossing

So similar, yet so different

Neopets Black Mart 2

On the surface, the similarities between Darkadia And Animal crossing Clear, especially when one thinks about it new Horizons. The idea of ​​cleaning and rebuilding the island Not actually a brand but Nintendo certainly popularized this concept with their hit 2020 game. Building the island by crafting structures and adopting Neopets instead of villagers certainly feels familiar, but while it’s hard to ignore these similarities, there are some key factors that separate the two games.

The most obvious is the fact of it Darkadia Tales Available on mobile devices while Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Neopets“Dealing with this genre also changes perspective; Adopting an overhead camera that maintains a view of the entire island Instead of following the protagonist. Additionally, players will have greater control over their island’s inhabitants; while Animal crossing He treats the villagers with an individual sense And “free will” Darkadia Tales It encourages users to customize their Neopets the way they want.

But perhaps the biggest difference is between Animal crossing And Darkadia Tales It is how the latter fits into the broader one Neopets universe, providing players with a story to explore. Nintendo’s life simulation game has always been very light on story, preferring to let players enjoy the freedom of building their own world, but… Darkadia He has a secret at his center: The city planner is tasked with uncovering what exactly happened to destroy their island in the first place. The game is now available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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