Why isn’t College Football 25’s online Dynasty mode crossplay enabled? Answering fan questions

When I walked out of EA Sports’ Orlando studio two weeks ago, I was blown away. There was a lot of information, and a lot to explain, about College Football 25. I called my editor and told him this couldn’t be one story in the journey. It was supposed to be at least three.

I poured over 6,000 Words about everything I’ve learnedfrom playing To the ruling family to Name, image and likeness on the path to glory And more.

But there is still more to talk about. In the comments and on Twitter, you had so many questions, from big topics to little things I’d never thought to ask. So this is my attempt to answer as many of your questions as possible before the game launches in July.

If there’s one thing that stood out from my visit, it’s that this game was made by college football fans. They really love the sport and everything that makes it unique, and they try to capture as much of that unique feeling as possible. The game won’t be perfect. There will be things you probably won’t like. I saw up close how difficult It’s the making of a video game and the amount of work that goes into it. But you can trust that the game is in good hands for this return.

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Let’s get into your questions. There were so many that this will be split into two parts.

Note: The questions provided have been edited slightly for length and clarity.

Does it make sense to buy the deluxe editions if you’re only playing Dynasty mode? -Robert D.

This is a good question to start. There are a lot of college football fans who haven’t been playing since NCAA Football 14, and they may not know what a lot of these new terms mean, like “Deluxe Edition,” “Ultimate Team” mode, and more. From everything I’ve gathered, the main benefits of getting the Deluxe Edition are early access to gameplay and more Ultimate Team rewards.

If you pre-order the Standard Edition, you’ll get it on July 19 and get some Ultimate Team bonus packs. If you pre-order the Deluxe Edition for an additional $30, you’ll get the game on July 16, the same Ultimate Team bonus packs, and 4,600 Ultimate Team points (currency).

So, if you’re just interested in playing Dynasty like back in the day, the $30 difference is down to whether you needed the game three days earlier. Some people I know say it’s worth it to them. I haven’t decided what to get yet because I’ll be busy in the middle of the SEC media days that week.

Why isn’t College Football 25’s online Dynasty mode crossplay enabled? Answering fan questions

College Football 25 will be released in July. (Screenshot courtesy of EA Sports)

Was the coin tossed in-game or was it dealt automatically like in Madden? – @Michael_Brian14

Good question I should have addressed it in the gameplay story. For those who haven’t played Madden recently, there is no coin toss. You can set a win/lose preference for a coin toss in the game settings (such as kicking if you win the toss, or taking the wind if you lose). This is the case for college football as well. In overtime, there will be a coin toss that you will need to make decisions about.

Is there any crossover between this game and Madden? I’m wondering if I run a player up to Round 1 status in Road to Glory, will I be able to use the same player in Madden in Create Player mode? -Justin B.

You Can Export your Road to Glory player into Madden’s Superstar mode, but you I can not Export draft classes from Dynasty to Madden franchise. The lack of exportable draft classes generated more backlash than anything else in my original story, but the explanation for that is simple: EA only has the license for players’ likenesses in college, not their likenesses after college. EA can’t legally let you put players into Madden from College Football.

Yes, college players are joining in NFL In the spring, EA Sports has an NFLPA license to use players, but not everyone is joining the NFLPA. Marvin Harrison Jr He still hasn’t signed the NFLPA’s license pool, and most college players don’t get there. At this point, players are being screened by EA at the NFL Scouting Combine for the process of adding them to Madden for the new game in the fall.

But you can train a player in Road to Glory mode, play for four years in college and then take them to Madden’s Superstar mode, where you go through the combine, get drafted, and have an individual professional career. I haven’t played much of Superstar mode in the past, but having a Road to Glory player might make it more tempting.


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Are there any details on why EA is not making Dynasty mode available online across platforms? -Jesse K.

My understanding is that this is just something EA couldn’t come up with in this first version of the game. This matters a lot to me because I didn’t want to spend $400+ on a PS5 if I was only going to get one game, so I got the cheaper Xbox. But I have PS5 friends. I will still be able to play games against them and play Road to the College Football Playoff games. The hope is that online dynasty will be available in the future like Madden.

In Dynasty Mode, will the patch on the conference jersey change to the new conference? So for example I put Florida State In the Big Ten, will the ACC patch be replaced by the Big Ten patch? Previously, I thought the correction would change to National Collegiate Athletic Association Logo. -Sam H.

We were told that if a team changed conferences, the conference logo would change on everything, including the field and jersey patches.

The topic came up when Christian Brandt, the game’s lead designer, showed us some very early stadium designs, all in grey, and we had to guess which stadium it was. when North Carolina Brandt featured the ACC logo on the field and said all logos would change if schools changed conferences.

If you can’t play in high school at Road to Glory, how can you get to your school? Do you choose just one, or is there some hiring at first? How is your player rating determined (one star, five stars, etc.)? – Charlie L.

It depends on what you choose in your startup. You can choose your star rating, which will affect your player rating, ranging from a two-star probability (65 overall) to a five-star probability (79 overall). You’ll also choose your position (QB, RB, WR, MLB, CB) and the archetype for that position. Depending on your star level, you will have more mental abilities that you can give to your player. You’ll choose the employment offers that are most important to you, such as academic support, coaching status and playing time.

Based on your answers, you will get offers that suit you best. You don’t have to choose the school that suits you best, but that’s the process.

I appreciated but never cared about the details of high school and the work done on the road to glory in the past. I just wanted to get to the college part. When the developers looked at areas they could undo while building a new game from scratch, this was one of the areas that was omitted. He could come back in the future if there is strong support from the players. But this version of RTG, which EA says should last 10 to 20 hours, should open up this game mode to more people.

You said that you cannot modify the attributes of created players. Does this apply to their statistics? This might seem really bad if you can’t go into the rosters and make your favorite player 99, etc. — Laker Hater W.

You cannot modify a real player’s statistics or body appearance. As EA Sports told us, without real players, there would be no game, and there are no reasons why they shouldn’t.

I have to say, I think the first question I got was whether you could modify the shoulder pads and equipment of real players. This is something I never thought to do and never thought to ask, but I’ve learned that it’s a big problem for some people. I checked, and the answer is yes, you can modify real players’ equipment.


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Is there an expectation that the Team Builder website will be released before the game itself? – Beto J.

I don’t know yet. We didn’t get any new information about Team Builder beyond what was in the original announcement. I’m sure that’s the hope.

Along Team Builder lines, I didn’t get an answer as to whether you can use this mode to create FCS programs, but I think there may be licensing reasons against that.

Can we expect a host of microtransaction features in Dynasty Mode? Would you like to use your real money to buy virtual currency to fund your school’s NIL initiative to use to attract recruits and transfers? -John K.

There is nothing in the breed mode, as I explained last week. No bidding on players. He is in Road to Glory mode as a player boost.

As for microtransactions, I’m not sure yet, and I know that’s a big concern for modern gamers who are frustrated with how microtransactions are taking over gaming. It wasn’t brought up in the very long presentation EA Sports gave us. EA knows that a large portion of this audience just wants to play Dynasty and Road to Glory like they used to.

Ultimate Team will likely be heavy on microtransactions, like in Madden. But that’s never been a playstyle I’ve been interested in. I know others really like it. But I think if you want to play this game like you played the old games, you’ll be able to do so without microtransactions.

Will we have teams at all times? It would be great to see Stetson Bennett Hand it off to Herschel Walker or Cam Newton to hand it off to Bo Jackson. – Eric W.

I played NBA 2K recently, and the option to use Legendary or All-Time teams was definitely nice. But creating that for a college football game would be a huge undertaking with so many licenses needed for these veteran players. Ultimate Team will have college football legends as players you can add, but we don’t know who those players will be yet.


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Will it not be released on PC? – Humberto C.

It won’t be released on PC, and I know some people are upset about that. My brother is a fan of computer games, and his only device is a Nintendo Switch. EA Sports has not officially commented on this matter Matt Brown from Extra Points had a good story This past month. My understanding based on conversations with people who deal with these things is something like his: Basically, it’s not worth it at this point. This game has already been several years in the making, has been pushed back from last year’s original goal, and is still being put together. This is only for PS5/Xbox versions. Creating a PC game is more complex, especially taking into account modding, anti-cheat, and licensing workaround concerns. I know for a fact that EA Sports has become more strict in making sure that only players who have signed up participate in this game. So the focus was on the next generation console.

It’s also true that College Football/NCAA is heavier with North American users than the global FIFA/FC and even Madden audience. The vast majority of sports gaming in North America takes place on consoles. Could it become a computer game in the future? Maybe, especially when EA doesn’t need to create an entire game from scratch. But there was no place or time for this first version of the game, when considering where the vast majority of players of this title are located.

(Screenshot courtesy of EA Sports)

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