Hospitality and leisure demand fuels summer job growth

In May, job growth exceeded expectations in several sectors, including leisure and hospitality. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said Adding 42 thousand jobs In that category – An increase of about 0.2% From the previous month.

We are in the leisure and hospitality season with summer travel increasing and more people going out to restaurants and bars. This quest for fun, combined with the nationwide wage hike also highlighted in Friday’s numbers, translates into more jobs.

Prices at restaurants and entertainment venues may be higher than in the past, but we Americans like to treat ourselves.

“The travel and tourism industry has seen a sharp rebound post-coronavirus,” said Rich Harrell, director of the Travel and Tourism Organization. International Tourism Research Institute At the University of South Carolina. “Some of this remains stable, but we continue to see strong job growth in the United States.”

“Restaurateurs, hotels and other entertainment and hospitality-related industries need to hire additional workers,” Per Sean Snaith, director of the Institute for Economic Forecasting at the University of Central Florida.

While spending Employment is highThe leisure and hospitality industry looks a little different than in the past.

Hudson Riehl, senior vice president of research at National Restaurant AssociationPeople are spending more on takeout and delivery, he said.

However, for table service, “this sector now has more than 230,000 fewer jobs than it did before the pandemic. Overall, traffic patterns in the industry are significantly different as a result of the pandemic.”

Restaurants that are expected to bring More than half a million seasonal workers this summerThey’ve also changed who they hire, Riehl said.

Their search for employees is widening the age range: “16- to 19-year-olds are more likely to be employed in the industry than they were before the pandemic, and the same is also true for older groups, for example,” he added. 60 and above.

These older workers can be a great asset to a sector that is constantly hiring. Maybe they get a summer job to supplement their retirement income.

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