It’s a special Father of Mine giveaway weekend

it’s my birthday. I want another dog.

I won’t get one.

To make up for my unfulfilled birthday wish, I’m going to give one or two (or maybe three) of you something they might want. A signed and personalized copy of the 1973 mob novel, Lee’s father.

If you would like to be considered, email florio@profootballtalk.com with this subject line “Gift from my father June 8, 2024”. Include your mailing address and preferred engraving.

The book is inspired by the real-life activities of the group that ran the town in which I grew up. On this day four years ago, I had a dream about planting the seeds of a story. The next day I started writing it. After I finished it after two months, I started the second part. Along the way, Game makers It happened. As the Christmas story did, On our way home.

There are many others still in the drafting/editing stage.Now it’s ready, what the hell should I do with this?? phase. a Lee’s father The sequel will likely land on Labor Day. Two more (a cautionary tale about pro football and gambling and a reimagining of the 1979 mass prison break) are ready to go. Two others (a Western murder mystery and a murder 17 years after the crime was supposedly solved) are far from definitive and definitive. There’s another one that will probably need a lot of reviewing and editing, and a new one that I’m about to write at about 20,000 words.

Writing books balances out the constant stream of copy-pasting and snarky comments. Since launching PFT in 2001, I’ve probably created over 20 million words this way. This repetition, repetition, repetition made it very easy to turn the switch on long novels and produce 1,000 to 1,500 words per hour.

It’s fun to write (and rewrite…and rewrite) books. It’s helpful to know that people are reading it and enjoying it. All I ask of anyone who picks up one of the stories is to try it. If it doesn’t hold your interest, that’s on me.

both of them Lee’s father And On our way home It will hold your interest. Both are available in e-book form for the very low price of $3.99. the Lee’s father The print version is $14.99 and On our way home It is $9.99. (You can also get Game makers For $15.33.)

If you order the hard copies this weekend, you’ll likely get them by Father’s Day.

Am I doing this today until you decide to give me a little token for my birthday by purchasing a copy of it Lee’s father or On our way home? Yes me.

I would still rather have another dog.

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