Summer Food Safety With Grilling

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Make sure you take some safety precautions to keep yourself and others healthy and avoid foodborne illness

Cook meat to the appropriate temperature to kill harmful germs and refrigerate leftovers to prevent bacterial growth. (Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash)

Morrisville, NY – This time of year, we embrace the warm weather, family gatherings, and most of all, BBQ! With gatherings and celebrations comes the very important topic of food safety, especially grilling meat. Before you start, make sure you take some safety precautions to protect your health and the health of others and avoid it Foodborne diseases.

You want to avoid cross-contamination by keeping raw meat, poultry, and seafood away from other foods while shopping and preparing. Keep the meat in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook it. Always make sure your hands and surfaces are safe Cleaning Before, during and after handling raw meat. Cook meat to the appropriate temperature to kill harmful germs and refrigerate leftovers to prevent bacterial growth. You are now ready to grill safely! Here are the four main components: separate, cool, clean, and cook.

sporadic- When you grocery shop, buy meat or seafood last. This will ensure that it stays cold for as long as possible. When putting groceries in your car, you should separate the meat so that the juices do not run on other purchased foods. Also be sure to bring a cooler bag with ice packs to keep food out of the danger zone of 40 degrees to 140 degrees.

Cold- Once you get home from the grocery store, it’s best to refrigerate or refrigerate your meat right away. He should never be outside for more than two hours. This becomes a danger zone for bacterial growth. You should always keep meat refrigerated until you are ready to grill it. If you have to transport raw meat, make sure it doesn’t exceed 40 degrees in your cooler bag.

Cleaning- It is best to wash your hands before and after working with raw meat. Always wash countertops, utensils, and grill before and after cooking. Don’t wash your meat!!!!

Summer Food Safety With Grillingcook- Use a food thermometer to make sure food is cooked to the proper internal temperatures to kill harmful bacteria. When smoking meat, the temperature should be maintained between 225 degrees to 300 degrees to keep the meat within a safe range. Here’s a guide to safe temperatures for cooking meat!

For more information about grilling/food safety, please visit: www.cdc.gov/foodsafety

Check out SNAP-Ed’s delicious recipe that’s perfect for grilling this summer! Chicken Burger – SNAP-Ed New York (snapedny.org)

Whitney Kmetz is the Community Health and Wellness Supervisor. It administers the EFNEP and SNAP-Ed programs and can be reached at 607-334-5841 ext. 1132 or via email wdg43@cornell.edu If you have any nutrition questions or are looking to schedule programming.

-Whitney Kmetz
Community Health and Wellness Supervisor for EFNEP and SNAP-Ed
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County

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