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Americans love to get behind Team USA in almost every sport. From soccer to basketball to swimming, gymnastics, figure skating and more, supporting the colors red, white and blue is always a favorite pastime.

This month, long before the Olympics begin in Paris, another American team is gaining momentum — this time in cricket, in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Taking place in the United States And in the West Indies. The United States beat Canada in its opening match last week and then bowed out Amazing discomfort World cricket powerhouse Pakistan. On Wednesday, the United States will face the Indian team, which was favored to win before the tournament, before its final group stage match against Ireland on Friday.

He’s on…what?

The United States, playing in its first-ever T20 World Cup, needs to win one of those two matches to advance to the next round, called the Super 8s stage. Sounds like must-see TV, right? The only problem is that you’ve probably never heard of the channel that’s showing the game. If you thought truTV was being shady when it acquired some March Madness rights, buckle up.

Willow from Cricbuzz, a specialist cricket-focused broadcaster, has the rights to the ICC in the US and Canada. Willow said it is available to more than 70 million households, but usually only as part of high-end sports or South Asian packages, and sometimes only with a separate monthly subscription fee of at least $10 or more. says Todd Myers, Willow’s Chief Operating Officer Front office sports The service is currently in four million homes.

Expand your reach

To address this issue, Willow has reached an agreement with several of its service provider partners to offer a free-to-air TV showing of the match between the USA and India. Subscribers to Fubo TV, DirecTV and Optimum will be able to watch the game without purchasing a subscription or higher tier. This will boost Willow’s reach to 15 million households for Wednesday’s game.

Willow ran a similar promotion during the first week of the T20 World Cup. However, the two largest providers in the US, Charter and Comcast, were not included. “We reached out to a number of our other partners, and some of them really wanted to do it; they just couldn’t do it operationally,” Myers says. “Obviously, this is a last-minute request from us.” He says this will likely be the last preview. Free for the championship, even if the United States advances.

Willow is owned by The Times Group, an Indian media conglomerate that includes several English-language media outlets. One of the company’s CEOs, Satyan Jagwani, is Investor in Major League Cricket, which will play its second season this month and has a five-year media rights deal with Willow.

New frontiers

After the United States plays its first two T20 World Cup matches in Texas, Wednesday’s contest will be held in New York, where 34,000 fans will attend. a witness India beat Pakistan on Sunday. On Monday, USA Cricket released – and quickly sold out – an additional allotment of tickets for the India match at $350 each.

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