Travel Essentials For Spring Trips

A few months ago, I wrote: story In this column where I share the “must-haves” I always pack for my winter travels. Fortunately, given my work as a travel writer, I’ve had the privilege of learning about the latest and greatest products that promise to make my global adventures that much easier, convenient, or stylish.

The menu is constantly evolving and changes depending on the time of year. My last essentials column was a peek into my pack for cold weather trips. Now, with the weather — thankfully — warming up, it’s time to turn to spring.

Track my spring travels.

18k gold plated bobby pins from Dauphines of New York

Who needs jewelry for those trips when you can use these gorgeous gold-plated hair pins from New York-based hair accessories brand Dauphines? It’s both practical and fashionable: it keeps pesky strands out of my face and instantly elevates my look whether I’m at the beach, out to dinner, or sightseeing. They make me feel put together and sparkling. Whoever sees them notices them and loves them like me. Oh, and as a note, Dauphines has a full line of beautiful hair clips, headbands, and combs for your vacations and everyday adventures.

Ninja Plast portable blender

Early last year, I went through a health crisis due to severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and stress, both of which caused my weight to drop by nearly 20 pounds. Since I was already on the smaller side, my weight loss was less than ideal and caused anemia, along with a host of other symptoms. I wanted to improve my health but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my life on the road.

Thanks to a wonderful nutritionist, I discovered this life-saving protein powder, Tomlov, This is specially designed for people with sensitive guts like me. The Ninja Portable Blender turns my everyday food into a delicious beverage wherever I am in the world. I add ice, cold coffee, a scoop of powder, and a little non-dairy creamer. I simply press the button, and in 30 seconds, I’m getting a cold, creamy shot of deliciousness that rivals any juice drink.

You can use any ingredients you want to make your dream drink, whether it’s healthy or not. The Ninja Blast is a rechargeable device that is easy to clean, fill, and light. Helps you stay well fueled on any trip.

Initio perfume

As a fragrance lover, I’m a firm believer that a generous dose of a quality, killer fragrance is the perfect, sophisticated finishing touch to any look – day or night, casual or formal. Enter Initio Parfums Prives, the Paris-based perfume house that produces enticing, pleasing scents made with pure, superior ingredients.

The brand recently introduced 50ml of four of its most popular 50ml fragrances: Atomic Rose, Musk Therapy, Oud for Greatness and Side Effect.

Each one is unique, and I’m addicted to everything. I apply it to myself once or twice a day. They attract me instant attention from friends, acquaintances and strangers, and are a mainstay in my toiletry and handbag collection. I tend to use the refreshing Atomic Rose for sightseeing and trips during the day, and the heavier, sexier Oud for Greatness comes in at night.

Arbonne lift mascara

With Arbonne’s new Elevate mascara, I don’t need to weigh down my suitcase with any other makeup. It gives me a va va voom look in just one coat. The wand curls my lashes without filling or smudging them plus the formula nourishes and moisturizes them with the B vitamins and biotin it contains. I have multiple tubes for my purse and purse so they are handy wherever I am.

Katherine Gee Reversible Cashmere Coat

I’ve been a fan of Santa Barbara-based designer Katherine Gee for years. Her silk blouses with cute prints are gorgeous – whenever I wear one of the many blouses I own, I’m bombarded with compliments. It’s no surprise, then, that her new cashmere coat is next-level. I honestly can’t live without it regardless of whether I’m traveling or not.

This coat hits mid-thigh, and is incredibly comfortable and versatile – one side is made of solid mocha with an ivory border while the other side features a gorgeous leopard print. Pair it with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, dress it up with a sexy slip-on dress in Paris or use it to keep you warm on cold planes. I’ve done all of the above.

Avalon collection by Ricardo Beverly Hills

It’s hard not to love a luggage collection that reflects my fashion sensibilities and is also sustainable, but that’s why Riccardo Beverly Hills’ new Avalon luggage line is a winner.

Soft-sided pieces include tote bags, medium and large bags, all of which have storage pockets that keep you organized. It is made from recycled plastic waste plus the lining and body fabric are completely recycled. Additionally, this luggage is eye-catching, affordable compared to other luggage brands, and durable. I took them on my recent trip to Bhutan, a trip that gave them a real hit, and they returned home to New York looking almost like new.

Eaton the Rabbit from Moose Knuckles

Stylish and comfortable at the same time, the Eaton Bunny from popular brand Moose Knuckles is the only sweater you need to pack for any spring escape.

As a bonus, it’s reversible: one side features soft, silky faux fur, perfect for staying warm on cold flights or crisp evenings. Flip it over, and you’ll be equipped with an eco-friendly nylon ripstop, perfect for protecting yourself from unexpected rain. This piece also has a hood and several pockets to hold small items and is lightweight yet durable.

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